No Rain, No Rainbows

10 Very Practical Tips for Life in Self-Isolation

10 Very Practical Tips for Life in Self-Isolation

May 31, 2020

I’ve found in every new challenging situation in life we start to search out little solutions to make things better.  We do this organically, not always purposefully, but sometimes when we stop to reflect on what those solutions are we realize how adaptable we are.  That maybe we’re not as much of a mess as we tell ourselves.  Because we’re not just letting the situation control us, we’re finding ways to make things work for us. Today I'm sharing ten of my most practical tips for life in self-isolation (and beyond!).
3 Ways to Make Sure We Come Out of Self-Isolation Better Than Just OK

3 Ways to Make Sure We Come Out of Self-Isolation...

Apr 12, 2020

There are so many hilarious meme’s right now that speak to the various ways we are all emotionally dealing with this crisis.  The extremes range from letting ourselves completely go (chip crumbs in your bed and all) to being annoyingly positive and productive. How do we find the middle ground and feel good now while also planning for the future past all of this?
8 Ways to Make Your 2020 Amazing

8 Ways to Make Your 2020 Amazing

Jan 01, 2020

Happy New Year! I hope you woke up this morning feeling refreshed and hopeful. 

How was 2019 for you? If you read the news regularly, you likely feel that the world falls somewhere on a scale between a complete mess and total anarchy.  I find this way of thinking so disheartening. Every year has its good and bad, its sadness and joy, its low moments and bright spots. It is a very personal thing as well — some people may have had a much harder year than others depending on where they live in the world or their current life situation. But whether we claim the year to have been a good or bad one, we can all say we have learned something. Many things, most likely, but at the very least something life-changing if we pay attention. Rather than dismissing the year which when you think about it, was a whole 365 days of your life, why don’t we instead take some time to reflect on our experiences and lessons learned in 2019 and start planning and dreaming for 2020?