No Rain, No Rainbows

3 Ways to Make Sure We Come Out of Self-Isolation Better Than Just OK

3 Ways to Make Sure We Come Out of Self-Isolation...

Apr 12, 2020

There are so many hilarious meme’s right now that speak to the various ways we are all emotionally dealing with this crisis.  The extremes range from letting ourselves completely go (chip crumbs in your bed and all) to being annoyingly positive and productive. How do we find the middle ground and feel good now while also planning for the future past all of this?
A Covid-19 Emotional Survival Guide

A Covid-19 Emotional Survival Guide

Mar 17, 2020

We are all on a train into a very uncertain time period. Some of us are in the locomotive. We’ve been in on what’s happening early, have been keeping up to speed and have been preparing. Some of us are riding somewhere in the middle, slowly becoming more and more aware of what’s happening around us and how we must adjust our behaviour and routines to this new environment. Others are in the caboose, way behind on what’s happening, confused and maybe in a little bit of denial. Wherever we are, I would argue that being emotionally strong and prepared is half the battle.
Why we all need to nurture our female relationships

Why we all need to nurture our female relationships

Mar 08, 2020

I’m celebrating International Women’s Day for the women in my life. I’m celebrating it for my little girl and all the little girls who I pray will grow up to be brave, resilient, independent, full of joy and guided by love and all that is good. 

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