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The Best Robe You’ll Ever Own

A robe is a very personal thing. The problem is, most robes aren’t designed with your real life in mind. Until now. The All You Are Robe was designed to solve all the reasons why you either dislike the robes you’ve worn before or don’t wear one at all. It was also designed to make you feel feminine and effortlessly put together (especially when that might not be how you feel!).

    The All You Are Robe is absorbent and provides coverage after a shower but still works with and enhances your life – slim sleeves, a built-in belt, and a fabric that was cozy and comfortable, never clingy. The All You Are robe was designed for flipping pancakes, playing with (and bathing) kiddies, opening the front door, or spending a lazy Sunday in. This robe was designed for you.

    About our Founder

    Kena Paranjape is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and the Founder of All You Are. She is passionate about inspiring others to live well every day and harness their creativity to create a fulfilling life.

    Kena’s Story

    In 2007, at the age of 30, Kena’s husband became suddenly and mysteriously critically ill. After five months in the intensive care units of several hospitals, he recovered enough to come home but with a permanent condition that needed to be carefully managed. Over the course of the next seven years, Kena and her husband managed his health on a daily basis until his passing in 2014.

    Kena experienced first hand how quickly life can change, forcing you to not only adapt but to actively choose how your story will unfold. While there is much we cannot control, we have more agency over our lives than we realize. Through her journey, she also came to understand the power of committing to living well regardless of our life circumstances. This journey inspired her to create All You Are. Learn more about Kena here.


    Your clothes should always make you feel beautiful; even when you’re at home
    - Kena Paranjape