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You have the power of choice in every moment to breathe beauty into your life. - Kena
Kena Paranjape

Meet Kena

Kena Paranjape is a Toronto-based entrepreneur, writer, workshop facilitator and speaker. She is passionate about inspiring others to see beyond their current perceived limitations, take smart risks and use their inherent creativity to create a fulfilling business and life.

In addition to founding All You Are, Kena is the the co-founder of BRIKA, an innovative retail concept focused on highlighting and supporting artisans and designers by helping them grow.

Kena has 15+ years of experience in retail including running a high-end eco-friendly shop and as a buyer at Indigo, Joe Fresh and Gap Inc. As the Co-founder of BRIKA she connected personally with literally hundreds of artisans... not surprisingly, common challenges emerged. Kena also consults with larger retailers and small businesses and has an understanding of the needs on both sides. She currently sits on the advisory board of the David Sobey Center for Innovation in Retailing and Services.

Kena truly believes in the power of the creative economy and the people who drive it forward with their passion, integrity and humanity. Kena has been described as a wise and courageous challenger who inspires through her compelling personal stories and warm, nourishing style. You can reach her via email at kena@allyouare.ca.

Kena was an outstanding and inspiring speaker. She is the best speaker I have seen to date. I really appreciated her story and very insightful advice. I left feeling inspired.
– WXN audience member


Kena is an authentic and passionate speaker. Whether she is leading an intimate workshop for a small group or speaking to a larger crowd, she brings her presence to the room and connects with the audience.

If you’re looking for an inspiring, engaging speaker to add to your conference or event line-up, you can reach Kena here.

Currently Kena speaks on the following topics:

  • 5 Rules for a Beautiful Life
  • 10 ways to unlock your creative potential/The power of creativity
  • What no one can tell you about losing someone you love
  • Living well (let’s stop calling it self-care)
  • Retail is Hard (Innovation in retail)

Past Speaking Events:

WXN Key Note Speaker
Canadian Museum Association Workshop Leader
Speech on Retail Innovation at St. Mary’s University Retail Awards
Keynote Speech on Innovation in Retail at Executive Program at St. Mary’s University
#Movethedial Speaker
Keynote Speaker at Gather North

Kena was spectacular. Her vulnerability and takeaways for the group really inspired me.
– Gather North 2018 attendee


Kena is an engaging and inclusive workshop facilitator who leads each and every workshop with her heart. She currently hosts a workshop on 12 Ways to Unlock Your Creativity to both small groups and in corporate or educational environments.

I attended one of Kena’s “Unlocking your Creativity” workshops in the spring and found her workshop to be refreshing and motivating. As someone who was about to start their own small business, I left feeling inspired and privileged to have made a connection with such a cool and insightful business woman. Kena’s attitude is thoughtful and positive and she possesses a keen sense for networking and business opportunities. I would highly recommend taking the chance to connect with Kena, especially if you are a young woman looking for motivation and inspiration!
– Melanie Hadida, Unlock Your Creativity Workshop Participant


Why Work with Kena?

Kena has worked informally and more recently formally with hundreds of small business owners whether in idea phase or nearing $1MM in revenues. Her experience in retail at all levels along with her understanding of the challenges that small businesses face allow her to help clients hone in on the actions that will have the biggest impact to their business along with identifying what might be holding them back. To set up a 15 minute discovery call, email us at hello@allyouare.ca.

Kena has tremendous experience working with small creative businesses and particularly in retail. She’s a wonderful and thoughtful person and it comes through in her sage and genuine advice. – Lesley Pocklington, Swell Made

More Testimonials

“Working with Kena helped me confront issues about my business that have unknowingly been holding me back. She's helped me on my way to creating my overriding brand message which was something I was really struggling with before. The outside perspective was really enlightening and encouraging, I highly recommend working with Kena if you're seeking out ways to grow your own brand. These sessions really makes you look long and hard at your business and yourself. I put a lot of work into this and got a lot out of it.” - Nicole

“Kena saw my vision and supported it from the very beginning years of my business. As a buyer with over a decade of experience, she offered me valuable advice in creating a cohesive collection of stationery and paper goods, and helped me create a distinct direction for my line to evolve in. Over the years, she has given me indispensable guidance out of the goodness of her heart, and continues to have my best interests at heart as she helps me shape and expand my work. Her continual encouragement and support has helped me grow and expand my business immensely, especially during discouraging times and often when I felt like giving up completely.” - Meera Lee Patel, Artist and Author of Start Where You Are

“Working with Kena was a truly transformative experience — both for myself as a creative entrepreneur and for my business. Kena was able to provide pointed guidance on marketing, business strategy and positioning for my brand and my product offering. She was extremely generous with her advice and her expertise was apparent in the first few minutes of our conversations. Kena's positive energy and feedback were especially important to me as I fortified myself to embark on my entrepreneurial journey. It was one of the best investments I have made thus far in my business and I would recommend Kena to EVERY creative entrepreneur, no matter the stage they are at in their journey. Thank you, Kena!” 
- Diliana Popova, Artichoke Art

“As soon as I saw the newsletter Kena sent about offering her services to creatives I emailed back immediately. I’ve known Kena for a long time and I know having her help and advice would be really beneficial. She is personable, professional and is a really positive influence. After my first session I had a much clearer idea for my business goals. We talked through strengths, weaknesses and above all what would make me happy. It’s great to have Kena’s perspective on my business ideas, designs and what makes and defines a brand. I intend to keep up with regular sessions and grow my business with a fantastic mentor by my side.“ - Natalie Alex